“We need to be Delighted and entranced by quantum computing”

R.Feynman noted that the basics equations of quantum mechanics are extremely hard to solve. 100 interacting spins require a 2100-dimensional wave function.

His solution: building a computer that ha quantum proprieties built directly into the system.

Giancarlo Sudano technical solution professor at Microsoft As far as his is concerned Quantum Computing is:

  • Indeterminism
  • Superposition
  • Engagement
  • Interference
  • Uncertainty

The quantum bit is a superposition of 0 and 1, at the same time.
Adding other particles, the freedom of the system doubles the states.

Quantum bits function:

N bits=1state. Quantum Bits = 2 states

For Instance:
(30 Qubits = 16GB PC)
(50 Qubits = supercomputer )
(250 qubits= more states than the atoms in the visible universe)

Quantum algorithms vs classic algorithms

Problem to solve = search in a Database.

Oracle function –> I don’t know the answer but I can flip the probability

Raffale Mauro- CEO Endeavor

Quantum computing Is efficient only for a small complexity class (small set of problems) No scale of efficiency for the resolution of all the problems, only few of them.

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