During the Startupitalia open summit we managed to discover the Smartmoney trends. We deliver to you two speeches from the event: SMART MONEY- SIOS18 [Reading time: 40 sec]

-Corporate Communication Erika toso Head of South East Europe at Swift (Leading provider of financial messaging services) describes the importance of communication: Swift offers Secure channels for professional communication, Sets standards for corporates in order to facilitate access and integration, identification and regulatory compliance in several touchpoints with their stakeholders.

Why it’s relevant for corporates?

Because you need to repeat different language with different banks and investors. “The size of corporates is decreasing. Thanks to the cloud tech we achieved Full connection between our network and all the services” – PensionTech Serena Torielli Co-Founder and CEO at VirtualB SpA

Virtual B Digital innovation investments service offers the first European Robo advisor and is aiming for Better financial decisions in pension founds.

In Italy: Big state pensions are a big friction for a trasparent money management. Tech is needed to make the administration/governance of this founds more efficient Pension Tech Innovation relies on Front-end usability but also on proprietary Fintech engines (Profiling, engagement, riskanalytics and assetallocation ). The ultimate Goal is a smart and wise individual portfolio administration.

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