FinTechStage Fest19 -PensionTech & Wealth Management

Pension, today more than ever, is a key topic of discussion and priority topic for the 2019 political agenda. Additionally, to the traditional players, there is now a big range of new entrants working with artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, internet of things and so on. The need for change and innovation in pension is high. As well as in other sectors like FinTech, it is crucial that traditional players (incumbents) have quick and efficient access to offer of these new developments (and vice versa) in order to remain relevant and collaborate towards an innovation process. We believe that by empowering change within financial services, we strive to empower consumers and businesses to benefit from better accessible solutions.

FinTechStage Fest19 -Open Banking

Open banking Has been garnering a lot of attention over the past year. By relying on networks instead of centralisation, open banking helps financial services customers to securely share their financial data with other financial institutions. Benefits include more easily transferring funds and comparing product offerings to create a banking experience that best meets each user’s needs in the most cost-effective way. It forces large, established banks to be more competitive with smaller and newer banks, ideally resulting in lower costs, better technology, and better customer service. Want to know what is happening around the world and who is hot at the moment? This is where you should be!

FinTechStage Fest19 -InsurTech

New and innovative is not enough to define a trend. What really makes a trend is adoption at scale.

InsurTech has rapidly become less of a disruptive threat and is instead increasingly seen as a transformative force.

8.30-9.30  Registration & Welcome Coffee
9.30-9.40 Welcome Note
10.00-10.40 Panel
10.40-11.00 In Conversation With
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-11.50 Keynote
11.50-12.50 Case Studies
12.50-13.00 Wrap Up

Grand Opening FinTechStageFest19

08.00-09.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09.00-09.10 Welcome Note
Lazaro Campos, Co-Founder, FinTechStage
Fabio Tamburini, Director, Il Sole 24 Ore

09.10-09.30 In Conversation with
Corrado Passera, Amministratore Delegato, illimity
Alessandro Plateroti, Vice-Director, Il Sole 24 ORE

09.30-09.50 In Conversation with
Claudio Costamagna, Founder and Chairman, CC&Soci S.r.l. & FinTech Investor
Serena Torielli, Co-Founder & CEO, Virtual B SpA

09.50-10.30 In Conversation with
Ebi Atawodi, Senior project manager, Uber
Daniel Marovitz, VP,
Moderated by Lazaro Campos, Co-Founder, FinTechStage

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.30 In conversation with
Cinzia Tagliabue, CEO, Amundi SGR
Antonella Aureli, Managing Director, Accenture, Financial Services Capital Markets Industry and Practice Lead ICEG

11.30-11.50 In Conversation with
Mark Dowds, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, TROV Inc.
Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder, FinTechStage

11.50-12.10 In Conversation with
Fabio Moioli, Head Consulting & Services, Microsoft
Mariela Atanassova, Co-Founder, FinTechStage

12.10-12.20 Closing Keynote
Roberta Cocco, Councillor for Digital Transformation & Citizens Services, Municipality of Milan
12.20-12.30 Wrap up & Conclusion
Lazaro Campos, Co-Founder, FinTechStage
Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder, FinTechStage